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TD is dead to me D:

I think you ruined the game by making it so you had to destroy all blocks, but the black ones, which meant you had to land on them, adding an element in, but taking a better element out. Maybe an option for landing on black blocks or destroying a certain amount

its a great game, but has a few flaws

graphical flaws=when you keep on hitting him in first form and his does the whole red pillar of doom thing, it cuts out just below him, which you can see if you jump on a platform

gameplay/balance flaws=on the first sword upgrades (darkgene + the other one) when you pick up amethyst, its a adamantite and vice versa, but this disappears once you upgrade again

if you hit the thief multiple times, you can only pick up the first stone he dropped, then the second and third, or wait until the others have disappeared in order to pick up the one you want

you say you upgraded the drop rate for the last two gems, but even so it still takes 10 minutes of chasing the thief round just to upgrade the sword a second time?

one more balancing issue, if you go pure agility, even after 14 minutes of chasing the thief round, you might have lost a life but still have half a health bar, as a 50%+ dodge ratio is quite high, maybe one point dodge ratio to one point in agility?

despite all these its still a great game, though it detracts from the quality a bit

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its not dark

your screen is dark you sh*theads, so turn the brightness up

overall a decent game, but the safe bit is too annoying

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its a good game but it has a few annoying things

first of all, you have to restart from the beginning every time you fail.

also, i didn't want to purchase the extra stones, which are pretty much lives, because its only one. it just needs a few improvements/balances. also i think i have played this game before, not the winter one but this one, on another site a year or two ago, and i know it wasn't donut games so you may want to check that out

to the people complaining its copied, read the authors notes

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for those of you who cant finish, it takes a few tries to actually finish it, and for the guy a few spaces below me, you can upgrade your fighters, its the most useful thing i ever upgraded, and they can easily hold off the enemy for long enough while you upgrade

why are you looking at this stuff anyways, creep

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